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Air cleaning solutions - bipolar ionization

Hospitality Industry


 There are many different kind of odors, VOCs, microbes, and other contaminants lowering the indoor air quality in restaurants, hotels, and casinos. While talking about the indoor air, you can not forget the outgoing air. It's vital to the business to keep the locals living nearby your facilities and the neighboring business owners happy, too. Decreasing the amount of indoor impurities makes the customer experience much better and also the working environment is more pleasant for your employees, and it's easier for all of them to focus on your products and services, which means more sales, both ways, of course.  Contact us now to get rid of the VOC's!

Industrial Air Cleaning


 Every industry has their own challenges with the indoor air and outlet air and at the same time you have to take care of regulations, which are getting continuously stricter and more expensive to fulfill. With Bi-Polar ionization based air cleaning technology we've been able to help countless companies around the world. Depending on the industry the varying challenges are including strong microbiological or chemical based odors and VOCs, microbes like mold, bacteria, mildew, or fungi. Air ionization is the most economical and ecological technology to treat contaminated industrial air.  Call or drop a line to our air quality specialists to find the right solution for your needs!

Energy Recovery Solutions


 The energy used by the air conditioning, heating. cooling, and air ventilation, is usually the single most biggest electric usage increasing necessity any building has. It doesn't matter if it's the office building, grocery store, food manufacturing plant, restaurant, hotel, or sports stadium, all the buildings need fresh air. With Varionix Bi-polar ionization based air cleaning systems it's possible to dramatically reduce the amount of wasted energy while improving the indoor air quality by getting rid of the odors, chemical compounds (VOC), mold, bacteria, viruses and other air polluting substances.  We have the right solutions for you, give us a call!



With bi-polar ionization it's possible to cut down the amount of the mold, bacteria, mildew, fungi, and all different microbes in the indoor air, even down to zero. Contact us to get more information about microbe removal from the indoor air with bipolar ionization!



 The most common indoor air quality problem are Volatile Organic Compounds, shortened as VOC. Bi-polar ionization will effectively break the carbon chain of most of the chemical compounds found from the indoor air or VOCs going out from the industrial production lines transforming them less harmful compounds as water and CO2.  We know how, just give us a call!



The sources of odors are countless and they can ruin your indoor air quality, even in your neighboring buildings. Probably everyone has been walking somewhere outside and smelled odors which don't belong there. Many times the reason is industrial production, garbage containers, or another source where the air purification and odor removal isn't working as it should. Let's find the solution together!