Airionex LLC

air cleaning BIPOLAR IONIZATION systems

Varionix IM-series

Air Cleaning, Air refreshing, Odor Elimination, Degradation of pollutants, Air sterilization

The IM-Series comes in four sizes with 8, 12, 16 or 24 Bentax® Ionisation Tubes. The syetems can be placed in Air Duct or HVAC sytems directly or with an Slide-In mounting-Frame for easy access for maintenance. 

Varionix KHF5-systems

Varionix KHF-5 air purification systems for reducing odors, VOC's, microbes and other contaminants

The KHF5 system with five horizontal aligned bi-polar BENTAX ® Ionisation-Tubes. It can be mounted both outside at or inside the air duct air and can be easily retrofitted in to an existing HVAC equipment. 

ICS control units

ICS control unit for Varionix bipolar ionization systems

Control units for Varionix bipolar ionization devices.

Varionix KK-series

In duct air cleaning systems for mold, mildew, bacteria, VOC, and odor purification.

The KK1-series air purification systems cuses one bi-polar BENTAX Ionisation-tube. It can be mounted inside the duct or retrofitted into existing HVAC unit.

Varionix KD-series

Stand alone air purification units for reducing indoor air contaminants such as microbes and odors

The KD1 unit is available in 3 sizes. All  with one bi-polar Bentax® ionization tube. With built-in fan for improved distribution of ions to the natural convection of ambient room-air.

The KD1 Units are intended to be mounted on walls or ceilings and allow an easy maintenance access to the ionization tube.

Original Bentax® Ionization Tubes

Original Bentax Ionization tube manufactured by Varionix in Switzerland.

The genuine Bentax® Ionisation-Tube from Varionix is a masterpiece in terms of robustness and durability. The use of high quality materials leads to an extremely long life even under difficult environmental conditions.